Aquarium Techniques will design the aquarium of your dreams, expertly
install it for you and maintain your aquarium in peak condition.  

Aquarium Techniques also installs and maintains vivariums and
terrariums to house your reptiles and amphibians in beautiful and realistic
looking habitats.

We do all the enjoy the tank.  

Aquarium Techniques is located in Northern New Jersey.  Owner, Mark
Scheer, has over two decades of experience in aquarium design,
installation and maintenance.  We offer excellent customer service and
cater to hobbyist of all levels.

* Custom Aquarium Design        * Residential/Commercial
* Full Aquarium Maintenance    * Fully Insured
* Free Consultation/Estimate     * 24hr Emergency Service

Aquarium Techniques carries an extensive range of aquarium styles and
sizes to suit your needs.  Our experience with custom tanks and cabinetry
enables  us to provide an exceptional living picture for your home or office.

If the idea of an aquarium appeals to you, but the time investment does
not - give us a call today!

Call Aquarium Techniques at (201) 794-1812
Enjoy a custom designed
showpiece without ever getting
your hands wet!

Aquarium Techniques Design and Maintenance
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